Tab Clicking Options


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Default Options

Screenshot showing which options are available by default in Tab Clicking Options

You can select to use middle mouse button clicking for pasting and loading an URL. This option applies to both tab and tab bar, so other middle-clicking options are disabled if selected. back to top

Extra Options With Other Extensions

Duplicate Tab And UndoCloseTab

When Duplicate Tab and Undo Close Tab are installed, extra options are added for selection. And the 'select tab for merging' option is assigned to ctrl+click on a tab when Duplicate Tab is installed. back to top


The Reopen Last Closed Tab option from Click2Tab, will be added when Click2Tab is installed. back to top

SessionSaver And IE View

Screenshots showing extra choices added to the options dialog when SessionSaver and IE View are installed. The Snapback Tab option from SessionSaver lets you reopen a closed tab, and the View Tab in IE option lets you view the page associated with the tab you clicked on in Internet Explorer. back to top


When tablib is installed, you have the choice to open new tabs next to the current tab. In the first screenshot this is disabled because tablib is not installed. In the second screenshot tablib is installed and the option is enabled. back to top

Compatibility With Other Extensions

Tabbrowser Preferences

When Tabbrowser Preferences (TBP) is installed and the option to load your homepage in a new tab is checked, then the option to give a new tab focus is grayed out in Tab Clicking Options. back to top

Tabbrowser Extensions

Screenshot to show where on TBE tab clicking actions can be set
Tab Clicking Options won't work with Tabbrowser Extensions, but there is also no need: with Tabbrowser Extensions (TBE) you can set the tab clicking actions by going to Tab->Tabbrowser Extensions Preferences... and you'll find it under the Gestures category. back to top