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Tab Clicking Options 0.6.9

If the installation does not start, in Firefox a yellow notification bar should appear at the top of the page. You should follow the instructions on that bar, and try to install the extension again.
When no yellow notification bar appears, you should make sure the "Allow web sites to install software" checkbox is checked (Tools -> Options... -> Web Features).

After installation, you must restart the browser to load the functionality of this extension in the browser.


Tab Clicking Options 0.6.9 is compatible with the following products and versions:

1.0 - 3.0

Mozilla Suite / Mozilla 1.x:
1.6 - 1.7

1.0 - 1.1

The following localizations are included in Tab Clicking Options:


If you use Tabbrowser Preferences (TBP), please make sure you have installed TBP 1.2.2 or higher. Tab Clicking Options does not work properly with earlier versions of TBP

This extension supersedes the following extensions:
 - Close Tab On Double Click
 - Tab Double Click
The functionality of those two extensions is incorporated in Tab Clicking Options. So, if you have one of these extensions installed, please uninstall it before installing Tab Clicking Options.

Tab Clicking Options will not work properly when Tabbrowser Extensions (TBE) is installed. TBE has the functionality of Tab Clicking Options (partly) incorporated, so there is no need to install both extensions together.


Tab Clicking Options 0.6.8 was found 100% clean by Softpedia:
Softpedia 100% clean award


Firefox / SeaMonkey 2.0a1:
This extension can be uninstalled in the Extensions Manager (Tools -> Extensions). Select the Tab Clicking Options entry and click uninstall.

Mozilla Suite / Mozilla 1.x / Seamonkey:
Please, install the ExtensionManager, to easily uninstall Tab Clicking Options.